June 19, 2021

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Learn More About the Hideki Yukawa Global Skills Scholarship

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Japan has a reputation for being one of the most accommodating countries to international students. With programmes aimed at attracting more students, the country creates plenty of opportunities for international students. That includes offering affordable tuition fees, having schools that are flexible in accepting students during the academic year, and using English as the primary medium of instruction. Many schools also offer scholarships to encourage students to give it a try. Some of these scholarships include the Hideki Yukawa Global Skills Scholarship. 

What is the Hideki Yukawa Global Skills Scholarship? 

It is an educational grant that recognizes the skills and talents of students in the digital space. It’s ideal for tech-savvy children. The programme aims to support these children in many ways. That is, while the scholarship extends financial assistance, the learning opportunities that it offers help the students enhance and develop their proficiency, understanding, and mindset in the field even further. 

Does the financial capacity of the students affect their chances? 

Like many merit scholarships, the grant is awarded based on talent. Meaning, the financial capabilities of the student are not considered. Many scholarships factor that into consideration, which is why many students who do not meet the income bracket, who are above it, do not get a chance to apply for grants. This programme removes that barrier. So those talented in the digital field—even those from moderate-income brackets—and apply and have a chance to win the award.  

Who is eligible to apply for the programme? 

Applicants must be residents or permanent residents of Japan. International students can apply. Throughout their stay, they are treated as residents. Students must have also attended a national, international, or prefectural forum. They must have written a thesis, paper or published documents OR have in some way invented or innovated a gadget, tool, or anything relating to the digital space like robotics, coding, app-making, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, and more. Also, the students must provide a record of their academic performance for the last two years and undergo a scholarship test and interview.

How does the scholarship process go? 

If your children are interested in the scholarship because it sounds like the perfect fit for them, encourage that interest. The process starts when the application form is sent. It must be filled out properly, with no sections left blank. You must include the documents requested by the programme. Once the academic records for the past two years and the paper, thesis, or published material are uploaded and sent, the next stage involves waiting for the notification. The programme reaches out to the applicants within ten days. And yes, it might feel like the longest ten days of your children’s lives. Hang in there. Help them wait it out. Once your children have been notified that they’ve been shortlisted for the grant, an assessment and interview will follow. The results are sent soon after, and the students are notified if they get the grant or not. 

What parents can do to help with the application process? 

Encourage your children to prepare for the application as soon as possible. Considering that this scholarship requires two years of excellent academic performance, motivating your children to maintain their grades will help a lot. If that’s always been the case, then talk to your children about how helpful having a calendar is. They can make one that includes all the application deadlines so they won’t fall behind any of the requirements and that they have more than enough time to work on the application form, especially on the essay. 

What kind of essay should they write? 

Always emphasise context. Many children will include their academic achievements—especially those in the digital space—and that’s all right, even expected. But make sure your children’s essays offer more than that. It should help the scholarship board see who they are, what they want to do with their talents, and what they can do. Teach your children to write to show the panel the kind of future they envision and create if they get the grant. 

How can parents help with the essay? 

Offer to proofread their essays. They might feel happy and accomplished about finishing that essay. They might be too close to the piece at the moment to see their mistakes. Do that for them. Please go over the essay and give them constructive criticism. By giving them feedback, you help them improve their work for the next application. You should encourage them to keep trying until they succeed in achieving their dreams. 

Do remember, an application process for a scholarship is stressful for your child. Success could mean that they get to study at a school that will nurture their talents and help them achieve their dreams. So, parents need to be patient and supportive. If you have any doubts, reach out to the admission counsellors to get clarity so that your child is aware of the eligibility and requirements of private school scholarships.