June 19, 2021

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How to Rectify COM Error in QuickBooks?

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COM Error in QuickBooks

All you need to figure out how to fix Crash: Com error in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows: 

QuickBooks desktop is one of the best accounting software present on the lookout. It is to a great extent liked by entrepreneurs, just as accounting experts. The prevalence of QuickBooks software can’t conceal the way that it is inclined to specific errors on occasion. One such error is COM Error in QuickBooks. This is one the most well-known errors that makes the most disturbance for the clients. It influences the system, and furthermore the urgent data and can be seen when significant updates are launched by Microsoft. In the present article, we will discuss the causes and furthermore the handy solutions to the accident com error. 

On the off chance that you are likewise confronting any such error, try to peruse this article cautiously till the end. Notwithstanding, assuming you are looking for master help, don’t hesitate to contact our QuickBooks error support group by means of complementary number 

What is COM Error in QuickBooks? 

Crash com error in QuickBooks desktop is perhaps the most well-known errors that clients face. This error causes a parcel of issue particularly in light of the fact that the software comprises numerous monetary data and records. Truth be told, it influences the business tasks of little and business activities utilizing the accounting software. This issue can be seen when the client attempts to send messages, solicitations, paystubs, transactions or reports. Crash com error can wind up in losing the unsaved data, which can be unsettling for the QuickBooks clients. Nonetheless, this accident com error can be corrected utilizing a couple of potential arrangements, which will be examined later in this article. 

Triggers to COM Error in QuickBooks 

There can be a lot of causes to QuickBooks Crash Com Error, a couple of which are jotted beneath: 

  • On the off chance that the Windows or MS-Office segments are absent or harmed, at that point it is plausible to experience crash com error. 
  • There may be chances of any sort of infection or Trojan hampering the software. 
  • Or then again if any vindictive software erroneously erases the urgent QuickBooks related files. 
  • The Error can likewise be seen, when the antivirus or firewall program obstructs the QuickBooks correspondence process. 
  • The client can likewise experience this error, when the QuickBooks software neglects to speak with the customer or email service. 
  • Another trigger to the error can be if the QuickBooks parts get harmed some way or another. 

When would users be able to experience crash COM Error in QuickBooks? 

Prior to conveying any sort of arrangements, let us initially comprehend, when can the client unearth this error. Allow us to view the rundown of the circumstances, when the client can confront this irritating error. 

  • While opening report in QuickBooks 
  • Or then again while saving something in QuickBooks 
  • At the hour of messaging solicitations 
  • When opening solicitations 
  • During the process of opening the check register 
  • While joining any archive in QuickBooks 

Best Solution Steps to Resolve Crash com error in QuickBooks desktop 

Here you can track down the best arrangement techniques to fix this QuickBooks Error. If it’s not too much trouble, follow these given investigating steps: 

Arrangement 1: Make Outlook as a default Mail application 

  • In the first place, the client needs to visit the Control Panel, at that point Default Program and Set Default Program 
  • And afterward select MS outlook. 
  • What’s more, ultimately, make it as the default program by clicking the OK button. 

Arrangement 2: Adding Email account to Outlook 

  • In this process, the client should move to the MS Outlook and afterward select the File Menu 
  • The next advance is to choose Add Account to begin the arrangement process 
  • And afterward give the email address and afterward select on the Connect tab 
  • Outlook will naturally the correct server settings and once done choose Connect 
  • After this enter the password for the email address gave and afterward click on OK button 
  • Lastly pick OK and finish the total set up 

Significant: If QuickBooks Desktop can’t recognize Outlook, (to look at this, go to Edit > Preferences > Send Forms > My Preferences tab to check whether you have the choice to pick Outlook) you may ought to reboot the PC and fix QuickBooks. You could furthermore have to make another Windows client profile. In the event that the new Windows account doesn’t find Outlook in QuickBooks inclinations, fix work QuickBooks. 

Arrangement 3: Toggle the Mail Settings 

  • Regardless, go to the Control Panel and afterward click Mail 
  • After that select Microsoft Outlook 
  • Followed by choosing Show Profile in the Mail Set Up 
  • On the off chance that the Always Use this profile tab is now chosen then you need to pick a brief for the profile and afterward select the Apply button. 
  • Continuously Use this profile to flip the choice back and afterward apply it 
  • End the process by clicking on OK tab 

Arrangement 4: Make a New Outlook Mail Profile 

  • Above all else close the Microsoft Outlook 
  • At that point go to Control Panel and afterward Mail 
  • Followed by choosing Show Profile alternative 
  • After this click on Add 
  • And afterward, under the profile name add a name and afterward select OK button 
  • By adhering to the directions gave on the screen give the email account to be utilized 
  • In conclusion, select Use this profile drop down and afterward select recently make profile and click on Apply at that point click OK button. 

Arrangement 5: Fix Office and Windows Update for Run 

  • Regularly certain features of Microsoft Office like dominate, word and so on Try not to work as expected. They can be effortlessly fixed by restarting the system, however when that doesn’t assist you with having it fixed. Here the approaches to fix it. 
  • Make a correct click on the Windows start button in the Windows 8 or 10 version and afterward select Apps and feature on the spring up menu bar 
  • After this select the feature or result of Microsoft which you need to fix and afterward select change choice 
  • Possibly you will get Click to Run or MSI-based installation, everything relies upon the version of Microsoft 
  • Click to Run 
  • Ensure everything is okay when you need to fix the projects of Office. Select on Online Repair and afterward select Repair. 
  • MSI-Based 
  • First change the installation, at that point select Repair and click on Continue button. 
  • Guidelines will be given on the screen, follow them and complete the maintenance process. 

Arrangement 6: Run QuickBooks on Compatibility Mode 

  • First select the QuickBooks symbol on the desktop and afterward select QuickBooks alternative on Compatibility Mode 
  • Check the container in the Compatibility Mode area in the wake of picking Compatibility and run this program in that mode 
  • After this select Windows 7 starting from the drop 
  • Go to the advantage level segment and check run this program as the director 
  • At long last Apply and afterward pick OK button 

Arrangement 7: Adding new Windows Admin client 

  • To fix the issue, the client can just specialty another windows client with overseer inclinations 
  • And afterward, sign in windows with the new administrator certifications 
  • Ultimately, re-open QuickBooks software and check if the issue is settled 

Arrangement 8: QuickBooks desktop and company file tweaking 

  • The absolute initial phase in this process is to, open and update QuickBooks to the most recent delivery 
  • And afterward, select QuickBooks manual updates, if there should arise an occurrence of QuickBooks update errors 
  • From that point forward, the client is prescribed to open and confirm the QuickBooks company file to check the data respectability of the company file 
  • The next advance in the process is to open the thing on which the QuickBooks crash com error was experienced and afterward make an endeavor to email it 
  • To end the process, the client is needed to make an endeavor to open certain reports or email it, to check whether the issue proceeds 

Arrangement 9: Update Microsoft Outlook 

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and go to File 
  • Pick Office Account and click on Update Options 
  • Click Update Now 

Arrangement 10: Update QuickBooks to the most recent delivery 

On the off chance that the Crash Com Error endures even in the wake of playing out all the previously mentioned investigating steps, update QuickBooks to the most recent delivery. This issue has been fixed in the most recent arrival of the Software. 


Crash com error for the most part harms the system, yet the QuickBooks data can be saved by following these above given basic advances. These investigating steps have demonstrated to be of incredible assistance to effectively deal with the QuickBooks com error. We trust that you discovered this blog supportive to fix crash com errors in QuickBooks. 

Nonetheless, in the event that still the accident com error doesn’t sort out, contact the QuickBooks enterprise support group as they will give you a moment to answer for this issue.